Service Agreement - Terms of Service

*This agreement is valid only if the reservation was made through the Romanian Accommodation platform, using the site, Romanian Accommodation / Gal M Tibor I.I.

Please read the Terms of Service carefully as it contains important information about your legal rights and obligations.
This Terms of Service ("Terms") constitutes a legally binding Service Agreement ("Agreement") between you (“Guest”) and Accommodation Owner (“Provider” or “Host”).

1.The Unit that provides accommodation to the Guest is hereinafter referred to as the (“Provider”).
Providers alone are responsible for the correctness and pricing of their listings.
2. Tourist who wishes to reserve the Providers Accommodation is hereinafter referred to as the (“Guest”)
3. The company that advertises the packages and availability of the Provider but doesn’t take part of the service agreement between them -Provider and Guest-, and as such, cannot be held responsible, is hereinafter referred to as the (“Romanian Accommodation”).

Booking process:

  • To reserve the accommodation the guest must contact Romanian Accommodation in person or in writing using one of the followings: email, fax, or letter.
  • The booking confirmation is sent to the guests via email, text or fax by Romanian Accommodation.
  • The reservation is considered finalized (where not mentioned otherwise) once the retainer - 15% - is paid in by the guest.
  • The booking is finalized once the Travel Agency gets a supporting document that the transfer has been made.
  • The balance shall be paid by the Guest to the Provider on site.

A finalized booking can be cancelled by Romanian Accommodation in the guest’s behalf, only if the cancellation was requested by the guest in writing.

a) If a guest needs to cancel a reservation, it is their responsibility to cancel as soon as possible. At times, certain circumstances outside of the guest’s control can impact their reservation.
However, if the guest’s cancellation falls outside the extenuating circumstances policy the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 30 %, minimum amount 10 Eur from the retainer, if the cancellation was made 30 days prior to arrival;
  • 50 % from the retainer, when cancellation is made 15-29 days before arrival;
  • 80 % from the retainer, when cancellation is made 14-5 days before arrival or before participation in a pre-booked experience.
  • 100 % from the retainer, when cancellation is made less than 5 days before arrival or participation in a pre-booked experience.

b) If the rented accommodation does not meet the fitness standard, or your accommodation or experience booked isn’t as described, you are owed a compensation. It is important to raise your concerns as soon as possible and give the Provider opportunity to make amends. The provider will compensate the guest on spot. The value of the compensation/refund is based on the grandeur of the misrepresentation.
Any dispute claim or controversy between provider and guest shall be settled by binding arbitration on the spot before departure.
Any disputes raised by the guest after departure shall not be considered or acted upon by the Provider.

Provider grants access to the guest in the unit booked, assuring the unit meets all operational and hygiene standards. In the unlikely event of technical defects or appliance malfunction, the provider shall avert them in the shortest time possible.

In case of any damages caused to the property, the guest must pay a full refund/compensation to the Provider before departure.

Check in (if not otherwise specified) starts at 15:00PM and the guest needs to vacate the property by 10:00AM on the day of departure.

The provider holds your room/rooms/accommodation till 18:00PM, in case of no show (after 6PM), the booking can, and will be cancelled by the host.
We urge you to contact the provider if, for some reason, you are not going to make it to the unit on time, before 18:00 a clock.

The provider has the right to modify these conditions, however he must inform the guest in time.