România - Transylvania - Szekely Land - Lacul Sfânta Ana

Saint Ana, lake from the volcanic chain of the Eastern Carpathians, is situated near Tusnad resort and has 22 ha area.
It is situated in a volcanic crater (Puciosul). Its maximum depth is 7 m.
The depth of the like is lowering (in 1870 it was 12 m). Important tourist objective situated in the Mohos natural reservation.
The legend of the Saint Ana Lake, collected by Benedek Elek: The Saint Ana lake is in a very beautiful place, with mountains around, mountain covered with fir trees like a crown.
All over the Earth you can not find a more beautiful place.
In the old times, who can believe it, on the lake place was a very high pick with proud fortress on the top of it, with view over the villages from Ciuc and Trei Scaune counties.
But it was not he only fortress in the area. At an hour distance, near the Stinking Cave, was an other proud fortress.
It long time ago. Now there is no trace of the fortresses. Only their memory, a sad memory, still exists.