România - Transylvania - Szekely Land - Gheorgheni

The heart of Gheorgheni, the former Piactér, today named Pta Libertatii, is one of the most beautiful landscaped small town- squares of Transylvania.
Its present state was formed on the turning of the 19-20th century when the primitive buildings of the local craftsmen were replaced by storeyed houses, for example today's town hospital and the court.
There is a Saint Nicholas statue in the centre.

Reformate church (Pta Libertatii 25.)
It was built in the centre of the town between 1895-99.
Brick and stone tiled building with tower.
In 1992, there were 1,650 Reformate inhabitants in the Gheorgheni-basin, out of which 1,397 live in Gheorgheni.

The residence of Gheorgheni stood in the vicinity of the market, in the place of the law-court.

Famous buildings on the Pta Libertati: houses no. 1-11, 13, 15, 17-19, 22, 23, 16, 30., registered among the artistic monuments of Harghita county.

Roman Catholic church (str. Márton Áron 9-11).
Historic monument built between 1753-57 in the place of the old Gothic church (1498).
Due to the transformations, the church shows Baroque elements.
It is the oldest monument of the town.

In its neighbourhood stood the Páli Szent Vince monastery and girls' school (Fogarassy Girl Education Institute), today state school.

The statue of Mihály Fogarassy Transylvanian bishop can be seen near the Roman Catholic church.

In the Márton Áron street, the Baroque buildings under numbers 10, 12, 14. justify the wealth and the sense of beauty of the Armenian families.

Kopacz-house: the house was built in Baroque style at the beginning of the 1800's by the Kopacz family.

Bocsánczy-house: Built in 1733-ban, its valuable element is the 1841 window bars, a real masterpiece of forgery.

Kövér-house was built after the fire in 1810. There used to be an arm on the gate.

Czárán-house (str. Márton Áron 7): it was built in the 17-18th centuries.
The above mentioned four buildings are all registered as historic monuments of Harghita county(1992).

The Agricultural School Centre was built between 1785-1790.

Armenian Roman Catholic church (str. Örménytemplom 1). The Baroque church in the north-east of the town was built between 1730-1734.
Its Baroque pulpit, the altars and the 1752 altar painting are very valuable.
Surrounded by walls, with its bastions the church seems to be a fortress church.
Next to the entrance of the churchyard we can find interesting headstones containing Ammonites.

The building of the Armenian-Catholic parish (str. Örménytemplom no. 4) was built in the 19th. century. Historical monument.

A The building of the Tarisznyás Márton Museum (str. Rákóczi Ferenc nr. 1, 300 m from the main square).
It was built in Baroque style between 1770-1778 Historical monument.

In the vicinity of the Gheorgheni Culture Centre, a Kossuth Lajos (1802-1894) statue was erected in May 1977.