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Danube Delta - Accommodation - Tulcea County- Dobrogea - Romania

 Danube Delta - Fishtours Pension

Crisan is situated near the middle branch of the Danube river, at 47 km from the town Tulcea, named "the gate of the Delta".
You will have the chance to meet the fishes, birds, peoples from the Delta, its clear waters and endless reeds.
By wandering all over recommended ways, with boat you can reach the more distant places in the Delta and have an adventure for a life!

In the Fishtours Pension we offer comfortable accommodation for groups of 2-20 persons.
In the arrangement of our two-storied wooden houses we thought at all: 3 and 4 bed rooms are placed on the first, the dining-room, the well equipped kitchen and a refrigerator are on the ground floor.
Beyond that customers have at their disposal modern bath-rooms, toilets with WC, showers with cold and hot water.
In the Delta you can't arrive too far without a boat, therefore our company put at the tourist's disposal its own boats.
After these you have to start an exploration to endless world of the dens reeds and shining waters.

Accommodation: 2 and 4 bedded wooden houses
  • 5 houses for two persons
  • 2 houses for three persons
  • 1 house for four persons
  • Facilities - Services:
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Bathrooms with WC
  • Complete daily meals
  • Fishing
  • Boat
  • Canoeing
  • Prices - 2007:
  • Accommodation: 14 Eur/day
  • Breakfast: 3 Eur/day
  • Lunch: 6 Eur/day
  • Dinner: 4 Eur/day
  • powerboat- 25 euro/day
  • simple boat - 15 euro/day
  • kayak - 20 euro/day
  • water-touring by boat- 15 euro/hour
  • fishing subscription - 3 euro/day

  • Itineraries:
  • Crisan - Old Danube - Channel Bogdaproste - Lake     Bogdaproste - Lake Trei Iezere - Channel Eracle -     Village Mila 23 - Old Danube - Crisan - (duration 3,5-    4 hours).
  • Crisan - Old Danube - Satul Mila 23 - Lake Ligheanca     - Channel Sontea - Lake Fortuna - Channel Sontea -     Village Mila 23 - Old Danube - Crisan (duration 6,5-7     hours).
  • Crisan - Branch Sulina - Old Danube - Channel     Magearu - Letea (by making a short detour on foot you     can visit the village Letea and the all over Europe     famous Letea Forest) - Magearu - Old Danube -     Crisan - (duration 5-5,5 hours by powerboat).
  • Crisan - Channel Crisan - Channel Ceamurlia - Channel     Litcov - Lake Cuibul cu Lebede - Channel Litcov -     Lake Isac - Lake Uzlina - Channel Perivolovca -     Channel Litcov - Channel Crisan - Lake Iacub -     Channel Crisan - Crisan - (duration 4-4,5 hours by     powerboat).
  • Crisan - Channel Crisan - Channel Caraorman - Village     Caraorman (by making a short detour on foot you can     admire the centuries old oak-forest of Caraorman) -     Channel Caraorman - Channel Crisan - Crisan     (duration 3,5-4 hours by powerboat).
  • Crisan - Channel Crisan - Channel Caraorman - Lake     Puiu - Lake Lumina - Lake Vatafu - Channel Macovei     - Lake Macovei - Channel Crisan - Crisan (duration 4-    5 hours by powerboat). (This route is recommended only       for adventurers, because the floating isles can close your       way and boats may lift across difficultly over obstacles       blocking the waterways.)
  • Crisan - Channel Crisan - Channel Caraorman - Lake     Puiu - Lake Rosu - Lake Rosulesi - Channel Rosu     Împutita - Channel Busurca - Branch Sulina - Crisan     (duration 7-8 hours by powerboat).
  • Crisan - Branch Sulina - Orasul Sulina (from Sulina you     can go out at the Black Sea to pass a part of your     journey there) - Branch Sulina - Crisan (duration 4-4,5     hours by powerboat).

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